5 Exterior Property Features to Clean When Selling Your Home

The phrase “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” may be over-used – but it’s never more apt than in real estate. When preparing your house for an inspection, you want to do everything you can to impress prospective buyers, and why wait until they step foot through the door to get your house ready?

The first thing that prospective buyers see is your property’s exterior. As the New Zealand housing market gets steadily back on track following on from the pandemic, buyers want to invest in a beautiful home with a quality finish. Make sure your property is in peak condition by having the following exterior features cleaned before inviting inspections.

1. Gutters

This is something that many sellers overlook, but having your gutters professionally cleaned includes the removal of unsightly debris, washing of the gutters, and cleaning of surrounding exterior surfaces for the finishing touch. Not only will the house look more attractive, but you’ll also remove the hazards that blocked gutters can pose, so any new family can feel confident that the home offers a safe living environment. 

2. Decks and driveways

Water blasting decks and driveways removes even stubborn dirt, scale and other unwanted build-up around your home. Because of heavy car and foot traffic, it’s easy for decks and driveways to look tired quickly. Water blasting can make them look good as new and afford an overall fresher appearance to the entire home.

3. Windows

A build up of mould and mildew is common for windows, particularly in the NZ winter. Making sure they’re clean and clear is imperative when hosting an open home, so invest in some professional window cleaning for the interior and exterior of your windows. Now when people inspect the property, they’ll be able to properly appreciate the beautiful views it has to offer.

4. Roof

Proper maintenance of your roof will make the place more attractive to potential buyers. Make sure it’s clean and tidy, and free of debris, with roof cleaning and treatment that’s specially developed for the constantly changing New Zealand climate.

5. Other surfaces

The exterior of your home has to battle many different seasons, and some build-up is natural. However, interested buyers want to see a property that looks brand-new, so it’s recommended that you thoroughly clean all exterior surfaces of the building. An overall clean will instantly freshen up the property, and have it looking more modern and appealing. In some cases, it could even help to bump up the sale price.

Need a helping hand freshen up your home’s exterior in preparation for an inspection? We’ll provide a no-obligation quote within 24 hours, so get in touch with Swish!