Professional Spraying

SWISH Insect Sprayers are equipped with the best chemicals and spraying equipment to ensure a top quality mess free job.

Our spraying techniques ensure we create a barrier around the outside of your house to protect the outside and inside of your home from creepy crawlys and your house looking clean, tidy and cobweb free.

Guaranteed Insect Removal

The team at Swish understand that your loved ones are the most valuable treasure in your home, so we only use professional grade solutions during the process of pest spraying in Tauranga and surrounding service areas.

To ensure we achieve complete protection for your family, our residential insect control services utilise commercial grade spraying solutions, which have been specially formulated by KIWICARE, to deliver complete protection for our customers.

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Nine Months Removal

The product that we use on your house is designed to not only kill all existing insects and spiders on your house but also create an ongoing protection for around 9 months.

The spray is designed to evaporate upon application leaving the active ingredient to invisibly prevent new spiders or insects from settling on your house.

Protect your family and your home with Swish

Our services for insect spraying in Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, Papamoa and Te Puke are backed by our quality guarantee. With a vast experience in various sized residential properties, our team is ready for any job, big or small. Our pest control services deliver comprehensive results that not only eliminate but also remove the unwanted creepy crawlys from your home. 


Our team of qualified professionals are dedicated to providing effective and affordable residential solutions for pest control in Tauranga and surrounding regions. An untreated insect and pest problem can easily set the stage for uncomfortable get togethers in your home – often resulting in events that are remembered for all the wrong reasons. To ensure your gathering creates only the fondest of memories for your guests, talk to a member of the Swish team to discover a solution that's right for you and your family. 

Through developing an in depth understand of the unique seasonal changes, specific to New Zealand climates, our team is equipped with the knowledge necessary for delivering the highest standard of property services to our local residents, which targets native species, found only in New Zealand.

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