Soft Washing vs Chemical Cleaning: everything you need to know

At Swish Property Services, we offer a selection of cleaning services for both commercial buildings, businesses and homes around Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa and Te Puke. Our comprehensive washing packages utilise a selection of expert techniques and products to transform the surfaces of any building – in fact, your property will look brand new once we’ve finished with it! 

So, how do we achieve such standout results? With a ‘soft washing’ method that works to effectively clean and sanitise exterior surfaces with mild chemicals and thorough yet low pressure equipment.  

Read on as we discuss the differences between soft washing and chemical cleaning… and discover exactly why we believe the soft washing system is the superior method to cleaning your homes. 

What is soft washing? 

Soft washing is an extremely effective, yet low-pressure cleaning method used to clean buildings, in particular houses. Soft washing takes a gentle approach to cleaning, firstly applying a detergent spray to the exterior walls of the building. Following this, the exterior cladding is scrubbed with soft-bristled brushes to remove dirt and grime. Next, the house is rinsed entirely clean with low-pressure pumps. 

What is chemical cleaning? 

Unlike soft washing, chemical cleaning methods use high pressure water and harsh chemicals to remove the above contaminants from surfaces. Unfortunately, these traditional high-pressure methods can cause irreversible damage and marks to a surface, as well as forcing water in behind cladding and into cavities around the house. 

The benefits of soft washing:  

  • It uses less water and makes less noise
  • It’s safe for all known building materials
  • It kills the bacteria left behind by pressure washing
  • It doesn’t damage the surface or exaggerate the weathering affect
  • The results last longer than chemical cleaning
  • It’s more cost effective

Our commitment to your home 

Rest assured that the team at Swish Property Services go above and beyond, every time. Our professional window cleaning services will leave your windows looking streak-free, sparkling clean and practically brand new! From large corporate offices to commercial buildings and your family homes, we’ve got the knowledge and the tools to tackle any job – and get you results that last. Got some questions? Feel free to send an email to or call us on 0274121177. Our dedicated and friendly team will be more than happy to answer any queries and provide you with recommendations.