Driveways and Paths

It is almost inevitable that your driveway and paths will require an effective clean annually. Concrete looks great when new but concrete cleaning even small to large areas can be daunting! Because of its light colour concrete can become very unsightly very quickly given the right conditions.

We specialise in using Water Blasting tools to take care of this job for you in an effective thorough and tidy manner. We use both standard water blasting set ups and Whirl-A-Way™ tools to remove all dirt, grime, algae, stains and mould.


All Other Areas……

Whether it is a wall, a fence, some concrete stairs or a deck we have the tools and expertise to get these back looking new using Water Blasting tools. We are thorough and understand the intricacies of different structures and materials.

We will always come up with the best solution to your cleaning and building maintenance needs.