Common pesky insects found in New Zealand homes – and how to get rid of them!

From flies to cockroaches and spiders, some of the peskiest (and unwanted house guests!) can be found in New Zealand properties. Unfortunately, it can prove difficult to get rid of them entirely from your property if you remove an infestation yourself. And if you do? These pesky little things can almost always make their way back into your home, without you realising before it’s too late.

Whether wasps have taken over your garden or ants are plaguing your home or office, the team at Swish can help keep your space free from creepy crawlies, leaving it looking fresh, tidy and infestation free.

Read on to learn more about the most common pesky insects found in New Zealand homes – and don’t worry, we’re here to get rid of them! 

1. Wasps

You don’t want to leave wasp nests for too long, especially since one large nest can contain up to 25,000 wasps! These can be found throughout the home and garden in trees, bushes, wall cavities and lofts. Unlike their furry lookalikes, German, common and the paper wasps are shiny and hairless, with distinct black and yellow stripes. If the size of the nest is small, you might be able to destroy it with nest eliminator sprays and powders – if not, seek the service of the professionals at Swish.

2. Flies

 From bluebottles to fruit flies, a small problem can turn into a BIG problem! Some fly species have the ability to mature from eggs to adults in just several days, and if left unattended has the potential to turn into a serious infestation. In general, flies pose a threat to hygiene, carrying diseases such as salmonella and tuberculosis, and some species even bite! Be sure to find and remove fly breeding areas such as compost heaps, clear your drains and check your bins for maggots.

3. Ants

 Though most of New Zealand’s 11 native ant species aren’t dangerous, they do spend much of their time foraging outside (which is why you don’t really want them stomping around your food pantry!).  Found in trails, ants can be found particularly in kitchens and larders, where they seek out and contaminate food. Find their nest sites and make sure that you deny them new ‘nesting sites’, spraying preventative barrier sprays into cracks and crevices.  

4. Cockroaches

 Spotting a cockroach in your home is never fun. These flat beetle-like insects thrive off warm, moist and sheltered areas – especially when they’re close to food and water. There are a number of different species that can be found in fridges, near sewers, drains and more. These insects are fast breeding, so be sure to use nest killer and preventative spray in popular cockroach hiding places.  

 5. Spiders

 Creepy crawlies are no one’s idea of fun, especially when they have eight legs! Though most spiders in New Zealand aren’t particularly dangerous, they can definitely become a nuisance in the home. Attracted to warm and dark cosy spaces, spiders leave unsightly webbing in areas including wall cracks, air vents, corners and gardens. Call a specialist at Swish to work out which species is in your home – and get rid of them for good.


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