Safety around the house: how Swish maintains a safe environment whilst cleaning your home

We understand just how important it is for you to feel comfortable when it comes to allowing someone to work on your property.

Offering everything from window cleaning services and gutter cleaning to roof treatments and more, the team of professionals at Swish have years of experience in the industry working on both commercial and residential jobs. With that in mind, we aim to operate under strict health and safety guidelines, asserting a superior level of professionalism, every time. 

While cleaning workers may face a number of hazards when performing cleaning tasks,

we take all of the possible initiatives to ensure that we maintain a safe environment for our team and the public. Read on to learn more from Swish.

What we do to make it happen:   

·   First and foremost, all of our employees have undergone safety and hazard management training and continue to follow our H & S Policy. This includes adequate training in the procedures for dealing with slip, trip and fall hazards.

·   We know that every property is different, which is why we work tirelessly to identify potential hazards in every job. This enables us to lessen risks, take care of our team, and look after our customers and members of the public.

·   With that in mind, we take precautions to follow all necessary safety measures to make sure a job is completed both safely and efficiently. This includes regularly servicing and maintaining all machinery and equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

·   On every job, ladders will be secured as far as the site conditions permit. This includes securing the ladder by tying it or using a stability device. Our team members are committed to working within the industry’s current best practice standards and are particularly mindful of avoiding complacency whilst using ladders. 

·   Cleaning chemicals contain a variety of ingredients that might be harmful and toxic if they’re touched or inhaled, which is why our sprayers always wear full head to toe coverings and respirators. These chemicals are only health-threatening whilst being sprayed, which is why ask that our clients vacate the premises for approximately 4 hours.

·   Our customers’ health is a priority; that’s why we only spray the exterior of a property as we believe that this is the best way for our customers to achieve their objectives without putting their health at risk.

We proactively take precautions in order to keep our customers and team members safe – and happy! So, whether you want to know more about our safety guidelines or the services that we provide in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa and Te Puke, feel free to get in touch. Simply contact us on and our team will be more than happy to tell you everything you need to know.