The Importance of Regular Roof Maintenance

The Benefits of Having Your Roof Cleaned

As home owners, we do so much each day to keep our properties looking clean and tidy, yet too often do we forget about the roof over our head. Professional roof cleaning services will not only leave your house looking like new, but can also help to extend the lifespan and quality of surface coverings. When compared to the cost of resurfacing, roof cleaning is an efficient and effective way to transform the appearance and value of your home.

Safely Eliminate Moss & Mould

Complete roof cleaning services will utilise professional techniques to safely remove moss and mould from your home. During the cleaning process, moss, lichen and harmful spores are effectively removed from the surface, while measures are also taken to prevent a return build up in the future.

Gutter Cleaning

The tedious task of gutter cleaning is surely at the bottom of every home owners to-do list. Roof cleaning services offer gutter cleaning at an affordable price, allowing you to leave this unpleasant job to the professionals. Gutters are the framing of our roof line and a freshly cleaned appearance will not only leave your house looking great, but will also create a safer environment for your family.

Restore Quality with Pressure Washing

The pressure washing technique used in roof cleaning offers a number of notable benefits, including the removal of silt and mud from surface covering and gutters. When left for an extended period of time, silt and mud becomes more difficult to remove and can even discolour the surface of your home. Pressure washing allows you to restore the colour of your roof, while preventing permanent damage in the future.

Safety First

While it may seem tempting to task yourself with the job of cleaning your roof, it’s always important to understand the risk and safety hazards involved. When enlisting the services of a professional roof cleaner, you can set your mind at ease, knowing that experienced professionals are operating under strict health and safety guidelines. As property service specialists, we are trained to carry-out work at great heights and have the skills to identify and eliminate hazards, prior to the commencement of work.

A Professional Finish

One of the most noticeable benefits of having your roof cleaned is the unbeatable finish, only achieved from a professional standard of cleaning. Our team is equipped with industry grade equipment and products, which allows us to deliver a premium solution for every job.

If you’re interested in gutter cleaning or roof power spraying for your home, there are countless benefits when employing the services of a professional contractor. Whether you’re preparing your house before listing or are searching for a way to refresh the look of your family home, Swish Property Services can deliver an effective and affordable solution.