Types of Harmful Mould in Homes

Protecting your home and family against harmful mould

Household mould can accumulate on exterior surfaces for a number of reasons, including variations in climate and exposure to humid conditions. While we do our best to prevent the accumulation of mould around our homes, often a professional removal technique is needed to eliminate these harmful spores. If left untreated, mould may become a serious hazard within your home. The good news is, however, that there are effective and affordable solutions for the treatment of mould around the home.

Is Mould Damaging your Property?

Regardless of the age of your home, mould can just as easily contaminate both newer and older properties. One of the most common types of mould found within home environments is Alternaria – a growth that is found among damp environments, such as bathrooms or confined areas with minimal ventilation. Residential properties with wooden surfaces can also be affected by Aureobasidium mould, which commonly appears as pink and black spores around windows or exterior walls. Untreated mould can rapidly deteriorate surfaces around the home, by compromising the integrity of paint and permanently staining surfaces.

Harmful Side-Effects of Exposure to Mould

As we’ve read, mould can have damaging effects to your property, but more significantly, it also poses a risk to the health of your family. Inhaling mould spores can irritate airways, which may result in breathing complications, often causing more serious and prolonged effects for asthma sufferers. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to mould spores can drastically limit lung function, leading to chronic health problems.

Mould Treatment Solutions

A professional evaluation of your property will provide you with the best solution for the treatment of mould at your home. Various factors should be considered when determining the right solution for you and your family, including possible preventative measures and the use of professional grade spraying techniques.

As mentioned, exposure to mould can result in serious health problems for home owners. When considering mould removal around your home, expert care must be applied to ensure the process is executed using the highest safety standards. Mould treatment involves a spraying technique that efficiently removes unwanted growth from the exterior of your home, using a professional grade cleaning solution that is safe for the surrounding environment.

If you are searching for a preventative method, which will protect your home from mould growth between spraying treatments, professional house washing services provide the ideal solution. The techniques used during house washing allow for thorough removal of initial mould and moss growth, eliminating the problem before it becomes a health hazard for your family. This method offers an effective preventative between spraying treatments and provides additional and ongoing protection for your living environment.